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ilovecanadaboys's Journal

i love <3 CANADIAN boys / guys / men / males
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I started this community because I can't seem to escape crushing hard for boys across the northern border whether they are in music, movies, tv, sports, etc. So maybe I'm not the only one with a fetish for canadian men.

Point of this Community:

To discuss and share information on favorite canadian musicians, actors and athletes with others who are interested!

IF you Join:

1) Let me know who your favorite Canadian boys are and I'll be sure to add them to the Interests!

2) Play nice. Insulting is a waste of time.

3) You don't have to just be a 19 y/o female from good ol' Ohio like me. Be yourself: sex, age, race, location and all that jive.

4) Just recognize your consistent (maybe not so coincidental) interest in boys from Canada and enjoy!

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